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Author, Researcher, and Memoirist Wendell Affield writes historical narratives that offer an honest yet sympathetic view of what life was like for those suffering from mental illness, abuse, alcoholism, and undiagnosed PTSD.

Muddy Jungle Rivers

Muddy Jungle Rivers, the author’s memoir, is a close-up look at life on a gunboat during 1968, the bloodiest year of the Vietnam War. It’s the story of a seven-man crew captained by a volatile, pro-war enlisted man. Like Philip Caputo’s A Rumor Of War, this narrative takes the reader into frustration, rage, terror, death, betrayal, and the search for redemption.

Herman (Chickenhouse Chronicles Book I)

WWII veteran Herman Affield returns to his bleak farm in northern Minnesota and begins a four year search for a wife through lonely hearts club publications. Follow his search as the years tick by. Barbara – alias, Linda – a mentally ill New York pianist, finally answers his letters and moves to the farm with four young children in 1949.

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Pawns (Chickenhouse Chronicles Book II)

Picking up after Herman, Book 2 chronicles life on the farm once Barbara moves to Minnesota to marry a man she knows only from letters. Between her mental illness and his PTSD, the match is less than happily-ever-after. The book resurrects a decade of abuse, poverty and family dysfunction on an isolated farm in northern Minnesota.

Praise From Readers

…I found this book compelling, chilling and intensely real. The experience of being there with a slice of American youth good and bad, the tension of frequently being on edge, the horror of battle and being wounded severely is the start, but the rejection upon returning home and carrying all of those feelings for the rest of a vet’s life sank even deeper…


Praise for Muddy Jungle River

Wow is all I can say. Good read!!! The details and the way it flows keeps you not wanting to put it down. Highly recommended for any one looking to really look into someone’s life.

~Daniel T.

Praise for “Pawns”

About Wendell

It’s one thing to write a book; it’s another to live it. Wendell Affield never knew his father. His childhood was punctuated by a volatile mother and an unpredictable stepfather. At twelve, he and his siblings were placed in foster homes, his mother committed to a mental hospital. At sixteen, he rode the rails out west and lived in hobo camps. At seventeen, he enlisted in the navy. At twenty, he was wounded in an ambush while driving a river patrol boat in Vietnam and medevaced home. This lifetime of adventure and instability are the foundation for everything he writes.

After being diagnosed with PTSD in the 90s, Wendell began exploring writing as a way to process everything he had experienced. He studied the writing craft at Bemidji State University. Today, he speaks to groups across Minnesota about PTSD and leads workshops to show veterans and others how to use writing as a way to move forward from their experiences.

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