22 August 2007: Revisiting the Past

Have you ever been troubled by an event in your past? Troubled enough to revisit it? I did. I needed to make sense of why antiwar protestors would attack a hospital bus carrying wounded troops. The discoveries I made have had far-reaching effects. Here is the story, published in Vietnam magazine about my 2007 visit. Tomorrow I will post a recent development as a result of that 2007 visit.
Vietnam Magazine October 2008
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Collateral Damage. Page 46
Collateral Damage. Page 47

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  1. Unsie Zuege says:

    This essay is moving, and should be read by many, many people. It’s truly an example of an “and here’s the rest of the story,” broadcast that Paul Harvey (remember him?) used to do. A poignant reminder that what we think we know, or what we have experienced is just one part of a much larger story.

    –Unsie Zuege, Chanhassen Villager, Chanhassen, Minn.


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