“Angels On Earth” Book Release

I am deeply honored that New York Times Bestselling Author, Laura Schroff, included a story about my friend, Angie, and her family, and my wife, Patti, and me. It truly is a humbling experience to be one of thirty stories selected out of the thousands Laura must have read. I encourage you to take a look at Angels on Earth–not for our story, but to explore the profound lessons Laura shares–lessons of how we can help others.

Laura, thank you for the signed copies of Angels on Earth that you sent to Angie and me. I think there is a universal truth that you explore in your earlier book, An Invisible Thread: a truth that connects many millions of people, but in today’s harried world the connections are too often ignored. After my memoir, Muddy Jungle Rivers was published, I reconnected with many Vietnam Veteran friends. Our thread had been stretched across fifty years of silence. Deland, another Vietnam Veteran friend, was the thread that connected Angie and me. When Angie read about her late husband in “The Six Cups Of Coffee” tears trickled down her smiling cheeks, happy that Deland is remembered. Angie was the last person to live in that dilapidated house in the story; the city condemned it. Today, several years later, it’s a small grassy play area across from the homeless shelter. Good Luck with your book release today. I hope to see you in Minnesota one day.



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