Chickenhouse Chronicles Series

Herman: 1940s Lonely Hearts Search

Chickenhouse Chronicles Book I

WWII veteran Herman Affield returns to his bleak farm in northern Minnesota and begins a four year search for a wife through lonely hearts club publications. Follow his search as the years tick by. Barbara – alias, Linda – a mentally ill New York pianist, finally answers his letters and moves to the farm with four young children in 1949.

Pawns: The Farm, Nebish, Minnesota, 1950s

Chickenhouse Chronicles Book II

Within two years of Barbara and Herman’s 1950 wedding, it was a marriage made in hell. Barbara escaped for a few months in 1952 to a Cascade Mountain hideaway. Cold and hunger forced her to return. Follow along as Affield relives those turbulent years of the 1950s as the marriage spiraled down into violence and the children juggle alliances with their volatile parents. In 1960, pregnant with her ninth child, Barbara again attempted escape in the dead of winter with unforeseen consequences.

About the Chickenhouse Chronicles Series

Wendell Affield’s mother, Barbara, lived an unusual life. He began a series of interviews with her, hoping to tell her story, never suspecting that the key to it lay decomposing in the chickenhouse, seventy feet from where they sat visiting in the old farmhouse. After she died in 2010, Affield and his sister salvaged the chickenhouse treasures, documents dated from 1822-1984. He has spent countless hours over the past several years studying, scanning, and transcribing the documents, turning his family history into the narratives that make up the Chickenhouse Chronicles series.

Affield’s stories are about family history shaded by world events. They take the reader from fortunes built by 19th century timber barons to lost wealth of the Great Depression. From the Carpathian Mountains of southern Poland to the terrors of World War Two. From concert halls of New York and Paris to the back roads of northern Minnesota. In the chickenhouse, Affield discovered the stories behind his mother’s suicide attempts, violence, rage, and eventual commitment to a mental hospital.

Other Books

Muddy Jungle Rivers

Muddy Jungle Rivers, the author’s memoir, is a close-up look at life on a gunboat during 1968, the bloodiest year of the Vietnam War. It’s the story of a seven-man crew captained by a volatile, pro-war enlisted man. Like Philip Caputo’s A Rumor Of War, this narrative takes the reader into frustration, rage, terror, death, betrayal, and the search for redemption.