Chickenhouse Chronicles

Our Family History

Our Family History

Mental illness spans at least three generations in our family. After my mother died in 2010, two of my sisters and I rescued a time capsule that had been locked in the chickenhouse on our homestead in northern Minnesota. It had lain untouched for almost twenty-five years. Some of my siblings wanted to burn the treasure. I’ve spent countless hours reading, sorting, scanning, and transcribing thousands of pages that range from 1822 to 1984.

I realized that I needed to acquire some knowledge of human behavior so autumn 2012 I attended Bemidji State University’s Introduction to Psychology. Spring 2013 I studied Abnormal Behavior. My blog goal is to post historical and psychological vignettes of my discoveries each Sunday evening. I plan to write a series of memoirs that will explore my family’s struggle over this past century with mental illness.

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  1. Kristen Coffey says:

    i read the book in one sitting…fascinating. How do i get the blogs about your family discoveries. I think you are the perfect person for show..where they help you research. Also you might consider having your DNA done through ancestry. I am in the process of discovering some things also. Thanks for a great read and hope there is more about your mother’s side. I also had a great grandfather immigrate from Germany to Us in the late 1800’s. Settled in Two Harbors and married a Swede. Sincerely, Kristen Mueller Coffey


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