DNA Miracle: Discovering My Father, 72 Years Later

Tomorrow morning, June 14, 2019, I set off on a journey that began in New York the early winter of 1947.
Questions from a lecture by my friend, Professor Mark Christensen haunt me as I pack my suitcase and map my route:
What is my state of mind before I leave? Am I on a quest? A journey?
As I travel will it also be an internal journey?
Will I learn something? What discoveries will I bring home?
Is the journey forced or by choice?
Do I expect to find something or not, or something unexpected?
What archetype might I symbolize in my journey?
What obstacles might I encounter—internal/external?
What will be my state of mind after my journey—if it ends?
How did it all begin? That early winter of 1947 a young man had recently returned from World War II, and as millions of soldiers have done over the centuries upon returning home from war, he must have been ecstatic to have survived. He and his friends celebrated life. He met a young woman who was alone, struggling psychologically, seeking comfort in the wake of a recent divorce. Nine months later I was born; I don’t think the young man ever knew. My mother never spoke of him. Sixty-two years later she went to her grave, secret intact.
Earliest photo of me–in buggy:
The winter of 2018, through the miracles of DNA and the persistence of a wonderful genealogist, I learned the identity of my late father and recently connected with siblings I never knew existed. I’ve been in correspondence and conversations with one of seven and in a few days will meet him and his family.
Stay tuned…


  1. Kristen Coffey says:

    I am so very happy for you and we all are ready for your next book!!! I’m thinking the PBS show Finding your Roots needs to work with you! God bless your journey!

  2. Robbie Templeton says:

    Thoughts and prayers go with you on this journey. May it answer lots of questions for you and open new doors of possibilities.
    Blessings to you my friend.

  3. Chris Hess says:

    Very excited for you Wendell, what an amazing open door this is. Praying for you!!!!

  4. Anne Haas says:

    Congratulations on your courage and persistence, Wendell! I think of you often and wish the very best for you and your family as it expands!


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