Ships’ Deck Logs, Vietnam Waters Movements 1966-1973

A friend recently asked me to help him retrieve deck log information from the USS Rogers DD876. Ron and I did a West Pac (West Pacific) deployment to Vietnam together in 1966. He is searching for proof in a claim with the VA. Below is a lengthy but very detailed message I received from a person at the National Archives Center. For all the negative reports we hear about government employees, this lady replied promptly and went out of her way researching my specific request: Thank you Victoria.

Dear Mr. Affield,

This is in response to your email of July 29, 2018, to the Electronic Records Division Reference Branch (RDER) of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). You inquired about documentation of firing engagements and visits to ports in Vietnam for the USS Rogers for the years 1966 to 1969.

First, you may be able to find this information in the USS Rogers deck logs for those years. Navy deck logs are in custody of NARA’s Textual Records Division (RDT2). You may contact staff at RDT2 by email at or write to them at: Textual Reference Archives II Branch (RDT2), 8601 Adelphi Rd, College Park, MD 20740-6001.

Additionally, if it is of interest, NARA has digitized a number of the Navy deck logs in RDT2’s custody. While I did find the USS Rogers on the list, you may wish to view the list of Navy deck logs available in the Catalog on the National Archives website at For more information, you may also view NARA’s “Logbooks of the US Navy at the National Archives” page at

Second, you indicated that you had viewed the FAQs for the “Records About Naval Gunfire Support During the Vietnam War (CONGA), 3/1966 – 1/1973,” available on NARA’s Access to Archival Databases (AAD) resource at As you are likely aware, the CONGA records contain data that document naval gunfire support missions in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War and the shore bombardment of North Vietnam as part of Operation Sea Dragon and subsequent bombardments. For reference, a link to the CONGA series on AAD is,sl.

It is possible to search the CONGA records on AAD using the criteria you listed with a fielded search. To begin a fielded search from the series description page I link above, click on the “Search” button to the right of the file unit title, “Combat Naval Gunfire Support File (CONGA), [Fixed-length Version], 3/1966 – 1/1973,” which is at the top of the description. This will take you to the Fielded Search page for this file. You may then enter your criteria for the fields you wish to search; you may also select the “show more fields” button to view a list of all fields available. Once satisfied with your search criteria, you then click “Search” to bring up the Display Partial Records Page with the records that matched the specified criteria. You can then can view any full record by clicking on the page icon next to the record you wish to view. For your reference, I have attached a copy of our “AAD Handout & Basics” for further information about searching for records on AAD.

To provide an example, I conducted a search of CONGA using your criteria in the following way. For MISSION FIRING DATE, I selected BETWEEN from the down-drop box, then entered the dates “01/01/1966” and “12/31/1969” in the corresponding text boxes. For NAME OF FIRING SHIP, I entered “Rogers”. For HULL TYPE OF FIRING SHIP, I used the Code List (click “Select from Code List”) to select “DD” for Destroyer. I also entered “876” for HULL NUMBER OF FIRING SHIP. My search returned 87 records that matched this criteria. A link to Partial Results for this search is:

We also suggest that you review the other technical documentation for these records to assist in your use of the data. You will find links to the technical documentation on the Fielded Search page by hovering your mouse over the “FILE UNIT INFORMATION” text at that top of the page and then selecting “FAQs & Technical Information”; a direct link to the technical information for this file on AAD is

I hope that this information proves useful to you. If you have further questions concerning NARA’s electronic records holdings, please contact us by email at or by phone at (301) 837-0470.


Victoria Triplett
Archives Specialist
Electronic Records Division Reference Branch (RDER)
National Archives at College Park

I post this in hopes that it will help one Blue Water Sailor in his/her quest for seeking clousure with the past.


  1. John S. Custer (Former BM3) says:

    I served aboard the USS Rogers from 06/70 to late 10/71. I have info on my files of the collision in late July/1970 and repair work done by the USS Hector, AR-7, while in Vung Tau Harbor, Vietnam. Research: USS Hector, AR-7; Vung Tau in summer of 1970. Pictures show the damaged bow of the Rogers and the four days of repairs. I also recall a firing mission in conjunction with the USS New Jersey. Her shells were firing over our bow. What a sound of the “freight train”. Between 06/70 and 11/71, the Rogers did three tours off the coast of Vietnam; 06/70to late 12/70, 01/71 to late 05/71 and 06/71 to 12/71. Again, I was discharged in late 10/71. I was to understand she sailed to Australia sometime in 11/71 and returned to the states in 12/71.

  2. Raymond Peter Nadeau Jr. says:

    I would like any copies of deck logs, ship histories or anything that would prove that the USS Chipola AO63 was in brown water in Viet Nam. Thanks

  3. Henry HANSON says:

    if anyone has any records from USS Chipola AO63 from 1969 to 1973 i would appreciate them contacting me at

  4. Francis Dargie says:

    Seeking information showing USS Inchon LPH 12 was in waters off South Vietnam near or below the DMZ.

  5. Navy Veteran's Daughter says:

    Please Help. My father served aboard the USS Arlington during 68 and 69 in Vietnam. His best friend and ship mate committed suicide aboard the ship. My father only knew him by his nick name “Sticks” and was one of 3 sailors that found him hanging in their quarters. He has nightmares and PTSD still from this tragedy. The VA is requiring that He provide proof of this death incident in order to receive further treatment. We have searched the ship logs from 68 through 69 and cannot find the account of it. There were actually 3 suicide attempts of which 1 was prevented. We did find one of the 2 actual suicides in the logs but it was one that happened over the ships side and not in quarter. If anyone has ANY information or documentation of this incident or you know “Sticks” birth name PLEASE contact me! Thank You for your time and any assistance.
    Navy Vietnam Veteran’s Daughter

  6. Clarence says:

    I’m looking for the Deck Logs of the USS Enterprise CVAN65 . The West Pac 9/12/72 – 6/12/73. But there is just one thing that concern me. We spent many long hours working on the flight deck off Vietnam . My DD-214 shows that I was a Vietnam veteran . So why do the VA wanted veterans to still look for more information? Please someone help me to understand. Thank you

  7. Leonard Chojnacki says:

    I was on the USS Chipola 1964-67 and am also looking for information on Blue Water. I know we refueled ships in Vietnam water but am having a hard time getting information
    I have Ischemic Heart Disease and Diabetes, along with asbestos nodules
    Any information or help would be appreciated would be appreciated

  8. William Wicoff says:

    I served on the USS Charles P. Cecil DD835 from on the Cecil 6May66 – 21Feb67. Desron 20 which included the Fox DD829,Norris DD859,Perry DD883 & Cecil DD835 left Newport, RI 4OCT66 for a Westpac-Viet Nam deployment.
    I need records of the Cecil’s actions in Viet Nam. I can find detailed info for the Fox, Norris & Perry but nothing on the Cecil. If anyone has any info that they can share with me I would be very grateful.
    I need it for A VA claim under the Blue Water Navy Act. I have been rated for asbestos exposure from the Cecil and now have developed CHD (cardiac heart disease). I need to prove I served in Viet Nam or within the 12 miles of shore line. Sailors make sure you get your lungs tested I was shocked for the cause of my breathing issues.

    Thank you, Bill Wicoff: Yonkers, NY: cell: 914-772-1425

  9. james gerald gault says:

    Need to find picture of a map showing u.s. navy ship Bon Homme Richard
    CVA 31 1968 in Vietnam waters. Have to have this in order to file for benefits that I have been fighting for years. Thank you.

  10. Quentin R Van Sickle says:

    Was aboard the USS Stickell DD888 . I need ships log or other proof we were in the close waters in 1966. The VA has no record of us even being in Viet Nam they say their records may have been burned in a fire at the office of records ??? Any help would be greatly appreciated…….

  11. Johnny R. Louton says:

    Would like info on combat action for USS MEEKER COUNTY LST 980 on October 14th 1968 in Vietnam.

  12. Johnny R. Louton says:

    Info on combat action for USS MEEKER COUNTY LST 980 on 14 October 1968.

  13. Johnny R. Louton says:

    Would like information about combat action for USS MEEKER County LST 980 on 14 October 1968.

  14. I am also looking for deck logs from the USS Inchon LPH-12, Operation End Sweep, Task Force 78, Vietnam, 1972-1973.



  16. Deb Carlson says:

    USS Arlington – reply to Ollie 12/06/1967 0237 Exchanged call with USS Damato (DD-871) bearing 093 distance 8 miles. 0820 USS Arlington (AGMR-2) …range 7 miles.

  17. Stephanie says:

    Hi! I am trying to help my dad find records of the USS inchon being in haiphong harbor during the vietnam war 1973. Can you reach out ot me if you have anything please.

  18. frank sharon says:

    The USS Piedmont AD17 was ordered to not record it co ordinances while on the Vietnam coast on feb. 6 & 7 , 1966. Was it the only ship to be ordered not to record its co ordinances in the Vietnam war.

  19. Haley Guidry says:

    Seeking deck logs for USS Inchon LPH-12 from 1972-1973 Operation End Sweep Task Force 78

  20. Karl Pringle says:

    I am looking for the deck logs for the USS Constellation CVA64, from January 1973 to October 1973 and June 1974 to December 1974.

  21. Charles Griggs says:

    I am looking for the deck logs for the USS Intrepid CVS11, from January 1972 to May 1973

  22. Charles Fields says:

    I looked in the National Archives website for the Ship’s log for the USS Ticonderoga CVS-14, and they are all there except 1972 and 1973, which is what I need. At least 1972.

  23. Jeff Puritz says:

    I’m looking for the decklogs of the uss stein, de 1065 from may- aug 1973 destroyer squadron 5, task force 78. It was at nara but disappeared. They say it won’t be back for a year or two.

  24. Jeff Puritz says:

    One more comment. It seems that most of the Operation Endsweep decklogs from april- Aug of 1973 are missing. These are all logs that came after March 29th 1973, when the Vietnam Service medal was discontinued. Apparently the powers that be only looked at ships that received the medal, although the war was not over yet, but only in a cease- fire mode.

  25. Ernie says:

    Looking for deck logs for the USS Enhance MSO 437 for years 1973

  26. Leonard Cisco says:

    Surely the Agent Orange contaminated river waters flowed into the sea. Ships utilized these waters for drinking, showers and more. Did the evaporator systems, remove the Agent Orange contaminants?

  27. geoffrey steiner says:

    my brother 1966-68 was on uss arlington off dmz vietnam 2019 dec 17 died agent orange type 2 gregory steiner buired fort snelling mpls, i was on dmz usmc 67 68 23 yrs type 2 also kidney failure july 2023 14,

  28. PO 2 Thomas Kelley says:

    would love to ships records for time period 1970 – 1974 times i served in Vietnam.

  29. John harry Mathieson says:

    Looking for records that show my ship Gulf Pride in Da Nang Harbor at the underwater fuel Depoe station off the end of the air strip.

  30. frank sharon says:

    On Dec. 4, 1966 Admiral Baer declared the USS PIEDMONT AD 17 was –AFLOAT—Hours later we received orders while we was at Subic Bay to go to DaNang, VN. One minute after midnight of Feb. 5 1966 which is now Feb. 6 we departed as part of TASK FORCE 73.1 to join 2 ships but when we reached and or past the Grande Island entering the CHINA Sea our Orders changed—- instead of going straight to DaNang we headed about 50 miles south toward Quang Ngai ——-At this moment the Piedmont was on 2 separate missions ——OPERATION DOUBLE EAGLE had the —7th Fleet declare all ships that are —AFLOAT–which Admiral Bear just declared the Piedmont to be AFLOAT —-to join and Participate with the COUNTEROFFENSIVE MISSION occurring Feb 6, 1966 at Quang Ngai where 5000 Marines and Army in OPERATION DOUBLE EAGLE just invaded by amphious ships. This is reflected by NAVSOURCE showing us receiving 2 campaign stars for Vietnam war service and participating in the counteroffensive mission on Feb. 6 & 7, 1966. And the ribbon now showing 2 stars not 1 star. After departing and joining operation double eagle counteroffensive operation the first time we saw land was when we passed the Ly Son Islands on our starboard side and we continues until we was 11 nm off north Quang Ngai shore or beach.
    at our time 1500 on feb. 7, 1966. We were almost directly in front of the air port of Quang Ngai . We received FREE MAIL —We then continued and rendezvous with the other 2 ships . The PROBLEM is the Piedmont was the ONLY SHIP in the Vietnam war to be —-Ordered not to record its coordinates nor details of its mission underway. Therefore you have to shuffle the information of the DeckLOg and NAVSOURCE and OPERATION DOUBLE calling for ALL SHIPS AFLOAT to prove where we was—–I had the online computer Bing do a DEAD Reckoning using steering degrees and it illustrates our path as i have said. HELP VA is not service connecting the USS PIEDMONT AD 17 FOR FEB 6 & 7, 1966. No cruise books for 1966—the computer also says the piedmont received a letter of commendation for its navy unit.

  31. frank sharon says:

    that should say feb. 4, 1966 NOT dec. 4. 1966


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