Lonely Hearts Catalogs – digital viewing access


View high-resolution scans of several complete Lonely Hearts publications! Read through these catalogs to learn more about the plight of women in post-WWII America. These catalogs are amazing resources for academic studies or personal genealogy research. They feature hundreds of women’s names and addresses.

The link gives you access to the following publications:

The Exchange Club — December 13, 1945
The Exchange (Full Text) — March 11, 1946
Exchange Publishing (short newsletter) — March 13, 1946
Standard Correspondence Club (Certificate of Service) — February 20, 1947
Standard Correspondence Club — August 1, 1946
Standard Correspondence Club — January 1, 1950
Cupid’s Columns — January 2, 1950

After purchase, you will be given a link to these files. Link is View-Only, not for downloading or redistribution.



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