Too Late

This afternoon I drove up to Red Lake to say good- bye to a friend. Tom Lussier, Vietnam Veteran and crewmember on a PBR (Patrol Boat, River) had died unexpectedly. I met Tom more than twenty years ago. I enjoyed his quiet way and never-ending stories.

Many times, Tom invited me to come fishing a trout lake with him, but each time I was too busy. A few weeks ago I saw him in Bemidji and again he invited me. I told him that this summer I would definitely be up for a day of fishing.

Tom’s Memorial reads:

And if I should go before you

Know that part of me still


You will not see me, yet I will

Be there walking with you.

You will not touch me,

Yet I will live in your heart and

memory always.

Have faith that we will one day


Hand in Hand in eternity.

Until then, live your life for life

is good…

And know that I am with you.

Tom, perhaps one day we’ll still get out fishing.

Smooth sailing, my friend.


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