It’s been a busy summer. This Saturday, July 28th, I will be doing a reading at the Beltrami County Historical Center in Bemidji at 1:00 pm.
Muddy Jungle Rivers continues to receive positive feedback. Last week I was at the post office and a stranger walked up, shook my hand and thanked me for writing the book. He said he could relate to a lot of things in it.
I attend a monthly meeting with some friends that is dedicated to discussion about promoting our writing on Kindle and other eBooks. It’s interesting to note that over 50% of my online sales are through Kindle.
I will have a booth at the Clearwater County Fair August 1-5 and Beltrami County Fair August 8-12, promoting Muddy Jungle Rivers.
The drought has stunted our pastures, our ponds are low, and on these hot days, the sheep night-graze. Babies get separated from mom and suddenly there is bedlam in the paddock with ewe calling. I jump up at lamb’s plaintive bleat, wondering if it’s a coyote pack or a mountain lion until I hear mom again.


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